So Here We Go…..

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome to my brand new blog which has been up for many years without  any real action from me. The purpose of this blog is to provide a written map (so to speak) of my progress as a Web Developer |  Online Marketer | Business Owner. As well as provide help in a uniformed kind of way to people who are looking to start themselves in the online business venture.

 So, let me let you in on some stuff about me (in case inquiry minds want to know). I posses a Baccalaureates Science degree in Computers & Information Systems.  So I know a little bit about what I am talking about when it comes to computers and information. I have been an Affiliate Marketer since 2006 when I first started with Chubby Dating websites. I am a parent to two wonderful children who have had the hutzpa to choose me as their mother…LOL. My hobby is making money via the internet and exploring different ways on how to do that. Along with helping others discover and assist in getting their online dreams accomplished too. Wherever I can help, I will or can find out where you can seek further assistance in reaching your goals.

  Broken_Screen I am really excited because I now have myself a mentor. Alex Jeffreys, who is from the UK and is a successful marketer which is what I would like to be when I grow up too, lol.

I’m in full swing having a lot of things on my plate. but I’m working thru them one at a time.  It really takes a village to build an empire I am learning.  School is about to start now. Had a fantastic summer. Saw relatives that I normally wouldn’t have seen in a minute.

So my daughter has finally started her website to sell training. I am so very proud of her. She says she is excited about it because its something she can teach to her friends and doesn’t take a lot of capital to start.

The name of her site is Money Making Ideas and she’s SUPER ready to start promoting it. Click Here to see her website and grab the training to learn how to make a “3 Page Cash Machine”. That’s Internet Marketers talk for a website that sell something. It’s super easy and you don’t have to know jack about coding or anything ridiculous like that. It’s made for the electronically challenged, LOL.  My 3 year old could put up one of these.